British Elite League

British Speedway has been a hugely popular sport in the country since 1929 and has been central to the sports growth to a team sport.  The Elite League was formed in 1997 to showcase the very best of British Speedway with the top riders from all over the world racing for famous teams such as the Belle Vue Aces, Poole Pirates and the Coventry Bee’s.  The concept was made for television with GSI brokering the deal to see the sports first ever weekly television deal, with race meetings covered live every year.  Sky Sports viewers have witnessed Title showdowns, spectacular crashes, controversy and heartbreak and has been rewarded with excellent viewing figures throughout.  Through GSI holding the International rights to the Elite League this action can now be viewed all over the world with a worldwide reach of half a billion viewers.  GSI also hold the commercial and merchandising rights and are working hard to expand the league into newer markets and generate further revenue and profile for the sport.

British Premier League

The second tier of British Speedway the Premier League has become increasingly competitive in the last 10 years with riders from all over the World racing in this league which has 14 teams compete for the title, from Plymouth to Glasgow.  The closeness of the racing has meant that Premier League meetings have been televised live on Sky Sports in recent years.  With such a wide spread of tracks around the country and with so many riders from all points of the globe the broadcasting and commercial potential for this league is huge.

British National League

The breeding ground for for some of the worlds top Speedway riders including Chris (Bomber) Harris.  With 10 teams filled with young racers keen to make their mark on the sport there is never a dull moment in National League speedway and as yet is an untapped product.

British Knock Out Cup Tournaments

After the League set up in the UK, the Knock Out Cup competitions within each league offer amazing action.  With the cut and thrust element that creates cup magic in many sports, not least in speedway with many magic moments, victory's and heartaches that only cup fever can bring, Cup speedway is an excellent spectacle.

Super 7even - The UK's 7 biggest and best domestic speedway events

The Super 7even series of race meetings encompasses the seven biggest domestic speedway events in the UK.  These events are the pinnacle of the domestic racing season and cover all leagues and titles, including

The Final of the British Championships

The Final of the British Under 21 Championships

The Elite League pairs championships (the top 2 riders of each team work as a pair to take the title)

The Premier League pairs championships (the Premier League version of the above run the day before the British GP at Cardiff in front of a huge crowd at Somerset Speedway)

The Premier League Fours Championships (An event that serves up some of the best action and a day out for fans of Premier League racing)

The Elite League Riders Championships (An event with huge history and prestige, the top 16 riders from the Elite League do battle for this renowned title)

The Premier League Riders Championships (The Premier League version of the above with no less impetus than the Elite version this is the biggest event of the year for Premier League riders.

Polish Extraliga

Formed in the year 2000 the Polish Extraliga is arguably now the toughest speedway league in the World and certainly the most popular in terms of live audiences.  The fervour in which fans support their teams is a sight to behold with speedway being the most popular sport in the country.  GSI hold the International Media rights for this league and are looking to propel this property onto the world stage over the next few years.



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